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Understand Your Roots 

In these challenges times looking after our mental health has never been so important. Understanding your roots explains things EVERYONE can do right now to feel better or who to turn to if things feel too much.


Everyone gets stressed at some point in their life, though it affects people differently.


A little stress can be a good thing as it can provide the motivation to get something done.


Stress becomes a problem when it feels greater than your ability to cope. You might feel sad or tearful, anxious or worried, angry or unable to concentrate.


Sometimes stress makes it hard to eat or sleep properly. You might even get physical pains.


Being stressed for a long time is bad for your health.


  • Breathing exercises can really help a lot of situations.


  • Eating healthy means following a healthy eating pattern that includes a variety of nutritious foods and drinks. It also means getting the number of calories that’s right for you (not eating too much or too little).


  • Take time out from social media, it’s not always good for our mental health. Plan some screen-free time every week.


  • It’s tempting to share personal feelings on social media, but you can’t know how that will be used. Text or talk to someone you trust instead. If they don’t respond, try someone else!

If you can bounce back from the ups and downs of life then you’re more likely to seek out new experiences and opportunities.


Things that help you bounce back aren’t always to do with you.


Make a difference to others

Look out for a friend, join a club or volunteer your time. It builds your self-esteem and expands the network of people looking out for you.


Say no to negativity

Learn to filter out the negativity of others. Don’t listen to their negative comments. The image in the mirror is uniquely you… lots of people think that you are fabulous!


Find that trusted adult

There are people who love and care for you and want to help. It’s OK if it’s not easy or possible to talk to one of your parents. Who are the other adults in your family, community or school who could step in and support you instead?


There is always someone there to help…  JUST ASK!

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