Our Story

The origin of TEAM GARBO starts with AJ Garboski and his road with Bipolar Disorder. As a teenager in the early stages of his diagnoses he struggled to understand what was happening and what to do. Luckier than most AJ has a network of family and friends who flocked to his side in his darkest of times to help him navigate through his journey with Mental Health. AJ's 'TEAM' has not stopped supporting and helping him live his best life. Humbled by how fortunate he is to have such a great 'TEAM' by his side he joined up with those same people to start making a difference for others. 


The initital goal of this organization goes way beyond being a public charity advocating for mental health awareness. Simply put, AJ knowns there are others out there who don't have their own 'TEAM' to support them in times of need.  His  hope is for those who are battling Mental Health not to suffer as much as he has and offer a spot on our TEAM for anyone who needs it. 

When roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind!