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Case of the Monday's

I think most of us would say that Monday is one of the more dreadful days of the work week for many different reasons. The feeling of the 'case of the Monday's' has some people in a terrible mood and a feeling of never ending struggle. Just like clockwork, you feel this overwhelming presence without anything control of it every week. He's the good thing ... tomorrow is Tuesday and one day closer to the weekend.

Now I want you to take a second and imagine what the 'case of the Monday's' feels like and how it affects you. This exact feeling is a great analogy and an example of how people struggling with Mental Health feel EACH AND EVERY DAY. Battling Mental health is exhausting and quite frankly it painfully lingers just like that dreadful Monday workday. It takes strength and time just like any other battle.

People find it hard to understand exactly what someone is going through when someone is battling mental health issues or in recovery. Support and understand what your loved ones and friends could be going through in those situations. Think about the never ending struggle of an unmotivated Monday and apply it to the fact someone could be facing much more severe feelings in the normal day to day. Here is the thing, tomorrow will be Tuesday and the 'case of Monday's' might still be with you, but better days will come when you can power through those bad ones.

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