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When we see someone with a dislocation or even a bad broken bone we are able to see it with an x-ray or sometimes with the naked eye. There is no X-ray vision into your head for someone else to know how you doing with your Mental Health. That is why COMMUNICATION is EVERYTHING!

I know at one point in our lives we all thought our parents could read our mind but the hard fact is no one can. Only we have the inside scope of how we are feeling and what’s going on in our heads. With all that being said, It is up to us to communicate those feelings and make sure we are clear and direct to the people who can help us. I think we can all agree there is a huge difference to someone saying “I guess I am feeling a little sad” and “I’ve been feeling depressed for a couple days now”.

Whether you are talking to a family member, friend or doctor they are not going to be able to help if you don’t let them in to what is really going on. In my personal experience, communication has the biggest component to me getting the help I need. On the other hand, because I didn’t effectively communicate certain symptoms I was experiencing at the moment they worsen to the point where I needed to be hospitalized.

While this might be a daunting task for some, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to understand and carry out the idea that communication is everything. Opening up is just half the better, but when you do open make sure you are being as clear as possible so the people around you can give you the best help you need.

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