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Have you ever taken a Mental Health Day?

Have you ever taken a day off from work to recoup for your own Mental Health? If you haven't you should consider incorporating it into your busy life. I am republishing a blog from last year that about my experience taking a Mental Health Day.

I myself found myself exactly a month ago in a spot where I needed to pump the breaks on my life and what was going on and I scheduled a day off for a mental health day. This was my first ever day off that wasn't taking off to go play golf or go to the beach. And although I may not have had a physical issue to take off like the cold or the flu, this day of mental recovery went a long way.

Personally, I needed to take step back in my life and get everything back on track so I can finish the year not fully drained and stressed out. Here is what that step back looked like so you get a picture of what pumping the breaks looks like:

1. Scheduled a day off from work

2. With my day off ... I DID NOTHING BUT RELAXED

3. Sat out of my first board meeting in 2 years with TEAM GARBO

4. Made sure I was living the healthy lifestyle that makes me feel physically and mentally the best.

RESULT: A month later, I feel 10x better when it comes to stress, mental fatigue and overall lifestyle.

My advice to you... Find out what works for you when you need to pump the breaks in life maybe a Mental Heathy Day is exactly what you need!

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