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Mental health is like a Baseball Season

A typically baseball season is usually over a 160 games. It is certainly a sport where teams need to show resiliency to be make an impact. I draw a lot of similarities with the path of a baseball team and the path of someone living with mental health.

If you think about it the outcome of the a season it can not be determined by one swing of the bat or one pitch. Teams have to put together a winning record good enough to make the playoffs to have a chance to win it all. So much goes into that winning record and almost for every team there are ups and downs.

This is the comparison I see with Mental Health. Living Mental Health illness takes commitment to overall success for wellbeing, but you will never find someone that has a mental illness that will say it just takes one good day and for the rest of the year I am not going to have to worth about it. Just not the case. Just like the baseball season there will be ups and downs, but the point is to have more ups than downs. A winning record.

Even in baseball, your team can have perfect game and the next day you can be beaten by 10 runs. Baseball is all about the striving for excellence every game, but knowing it is a long season and the point is to win more games than you lose. Some of the best times of all time in baseball lost a third of their games.

Your Mental Health is going to get the best of you some days, but the point is to not let those days define you but to stack your own winning record together so you’ll be successful with living with your Mental Illness.

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