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Mental Health Plan of Action

POA stands for Plan of Action which is something that everyone should think of when it comes to your mental health. Dealing with a mental health illness is more challenging when you are being reactive and not preventative.

Take it from me, I have been in a hospital for my mental illness 3 times. Every single time there was a point where myself or my close ones reached out for help but did not know what to ask, who to ask and didn’t know where to go.

Don’t leave it up to chance and for future you who might be in the verge of a mental health crisis or in a full blown crisis to figure out what your plan of action should be.

I took this concept to heart over a year ago, and told myself I need to kept my self accountable for every step of the way of my mental health journey good or bad. I made a 5 section document laying out what my lifestyle needs to be with my medications and the specialist I see, what causes a crisis for my mental health, what my close loved ones have seen during those times to help identify those periods, and action plan for when a crisis comes so I know the direct path to help.

With this POA, I can follow it every step of the way and refer to it if I know I am not feeling well (which I have done a few times in over a year). Mostly important, the last section is a written consent for my loved ones to 302’d (involuntary commitment to a hospital) myself if I am presented this POA and still don’t recognize that I am in a crisis.

I want to make sure I give myself every fighting chance to beat an oncoming crisis and live with my mental health as best as I can. There is nothing wrong needed help, but there are right ways in getting the help you need.

Please check out a resources page on our website where you can view and example of my own Mental POA and hopefully soon enough we will have an application where you can make your own.

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