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Playing the hits!

Everyone has a song that they can always turn on and put them in some type of mood. Whatever song is your go to you know what kind of outcome is going to happen and how you might feel during and after. Personally, I have a song that gets me pumped up for a workout, a song that makes me feel inspired, and a song when I need a little pick me up. I like to call this “Playing the hits!”

Not only will I "Play the hits" on the aux cord, but I ALWAYS do this with my Mental Health. Playing the hits when it comes to my Mental Health is all about getting myself in the very best mood or shifting myself in the right direction I need to be for my mental wellbeing. While part of it is playing music for me, when I “Play the hits” it mostly consistent of a proven routine that I know is a mood booster for myself.

Here’s the “hits” that I turn to

  • Getting active/workout

  • Getting outside for a walk with my dog Rover

  • Shower

  • Clean up parts house

  • Get myself organized

  • Play Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

The last part is true. I am sucker for Maroon 5 and Sunday Morning speaks to me.

I know everyone has a hits playlist routine in them. If you don’t find out what that would be and try it out. From my experience, I know there is a level of baseline mood I can get to regardless of thee situation and if I do this routine. Your Hits might be different than mine or might just be a music playlist.

Give it a try and “Play the hits”

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