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Test out your New Year Resolution!

We have one month until the ball drops and the slate is whip cleaned for many people. Typically people either don't have a resolution for the new year or start it a few months into the year.

I am challenging everyone to test our your 2022 New Year Resolution for the month of December. Think about the impact you can have on 2022 if you start a month earlier. No only will it give you a head start on that resolution, but it will give you an opportunity to see you if maybe another resolution would be better for you.

Personally, I will be focusing on Journaling every night in effort to carry that over to my New years Resolution. This is something that has been suggested to me by my therapist and I have not been able to stay consistent with.

I am excited to get the head start and I hope everyone else follows suit to try out their Resolution to better themself going into the new year!

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