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The Story of TEAM GARBO

If you haven't read the "Our Story" tab on the website here it is:

The origin of TEAM GARBO starts with AJ Garboski and his road with Bipolar Disorder. As a teenager in the early stages of his diagnoses he struggled to understand what was happening and what to do. Luckier than most AJ has a network of family and friends who flocked to his side in his darkest of times to help him navigate through his journey with Mental Health. AJ's 'TEAM' has not stopped supporting and helping him live his best life. Humbled by how fortunate he is to have such a great 'TEAM' by his side he joined up with those same people to start making a difference for others.

The initial goal of this organization goes way beyond being a public charity advocating for mental health awareness. Simply put, AJ knowns there are others out there who don't have their own 'TEAM' to support them in times of need. His hope is for those who are battling Mental Health not to suffer as much as he has and offer a spot on our TEAM for anyone who needs it.

When roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind!

A few truths around the origin of TG for everyone:

  • I truly believe I am luckier than most with the people I have in my life

  • I truly believe that others typically could not be as lucky to have a 'TEAM' like this

  • I truly believe people don't have to struggle like I have had in the past

  • I truly believe TEAM GARBO will/has/continue to make a difference.

To say that I struggled to understand what was going with my mental health is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I had no clue what was going on and my family did the best they could to educate themselves as quickly as possible. The recognition from my friends and family is absolutely uncanny and I am so blessed to have them all in my lives. The network of people in life were really able to put myself in the right directions during crisis moments and while I was first diagnosis.

I wish the story ends there and I built no trauma along the way, but I am not in the business to lie about my mental health. I want to speak my truth and that truth is I have suffered, I have struggled, and I am battling my mental health each and every day. There is a group of people in my life who will not let me fall through any cracks, fail are my life goals, and inspire me to be the best person I can be. The lovely part about that is I know for most, They know I do the same for them.

Hence TEAM GARBO. I can on go for days on end about this group and my gratitude for not just the board members who created TEAM GARBO but also the individual supporters who will ALWAYS be apart of our TEAM. Having such DEEP ROOTS, we knew we had to return the favor by sharing our story as best as we could and start making a difference for others. Even if that meant helping just one person, any efforts would be worth it.

Our story is a strong one, because it's on going. We are a living mental health success story... That success story has grown from myself and has grown in to this wonderful movement where our roots get deeper and deeper every day. Join our TEAM, make your own team, or just start accepting love and help from others and know you are grateful for it. That's what I did, and I can't imagine life with out it!

If you found this content beneficial in any way and want to make a difference please donate to our page to back our efforts.

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