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There are 3 people in this world

I had a conversation with a coworkers husband who I have grown to have a friendship with and a huge appreciation for. He is dealing with his own journey and I an illness (that I will keep disclosed) that has drastically changed his life. Similar to my own journey he has been faced with a challenge that takes consistent effort in battling.

We have spoke a few times about our journeys and have been empowered by each other's lessons learn along the way. During this phone call he said with me that he started going to a meditation class where he has benefited a lot from and has helped him changed his perspective on life in general.

One thing his instructor said stood out to him (and now since he told me hasn't left my mind) is the fact that there are 3 people in this world. He based along this meditation saying: "There are three people in this world. People who look in the past, people who look to the future, and people who are in the present moment".

I had this conversation over 2 months ago and I have mentioned that saying twice a week to all different people and remind myself of it every single day. The reason why I love this saying is because it couldn't be more accurate. It is only human to get caught up in being the first two people but I've noticed the real strength is reflecting on this in those moments and brining yourself back to being that person who is in the moment.

Use this saying and keep it as simple as the rule of three different people, keep yourself honest and bring yourself back to the present moment when you need to!

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