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Why we support NAMI Bucks County!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The fact that NAMI Bucks County has wonderful people in their organization should be enough for anyone to back their efforts in the Mental Health community. Their actions are tremendous and have changed many peoples lives in need. Myself included.

But if you are visual person like myself take a look at this graphic of what they have been doing recently!

It is no wonder they were the best chapter of all of NAMI in 2020 (they are the best every year). Now, they can't do it all themselves and to be frank fundraising helps them do all of these different efforts.

I am proud to say TEAM GARBO has donated nearly $15,000 in 3 years and has seen the growth of NAMI Bucks County ever since we starting doing the Stride for Mental Health Awareness.

It is in TEAM GARBO's mission statement to join in helping Mental Health initiatives through fundraising, volunteering, and spreading the word to help end the stigma. I believe the money we have raised for NAMI over the years has play a big part on their growth and most importantly the lives they are helping on a daily basis.

The pandemic was challenging for everyone in many different ways. The past two strides were during the pandemic it has been a struggle to put on the events to have the funds for our usual donations. Please consider a donation to this years Stride page so we continue backing this wondering organization.

Support TEAM GARBO click the Link above

As always, we appreciate everyone's support. Please be on the look out for more content from TEAM GARBO in the coming months!

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