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Control the Controllable's

Mental Toughness is a huge aspect of Sport Psychology, but can also take a part in our daily lives. When we understand how to control the controllable's and not sweat the small stuff that is out of control we really start to see results in performance and overall wellbeing in our lives.

Ultimately, live comes down to two things: Things we can control and things we can't control. Once you learn that lesson you will be better off in many situations and start really being your best self. It is a great reminder to people were to put their attention and emotion behind. Control the controllables in life is like playing with a cheat code to boost that Mental Toughness of yours.

If you need help access this cheat code try using the EAR method. Ear standing for:



These are the 3 things you can COUNT on to control in life while knocking off any worry about the non controllable challenges life throws at you.

I have focused on using my EAR on a daily basis whether it was thriving in successful times or facing the darkest of days. When you look at situations where life takes you, sometimes the only thing you can do is control your Effort, Response and Attitude. When it is all said and done, you have to play with the cards you have been dealt and strive to be the very best you can be with your EAR.

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