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It's one thing to know ...

It's been said that people who live with a mental Illness are more than there illness. Which I totally agree with. But being diagnosed is just half the battle. The other half is lifestyle that comes with it and how you life your life as a person dealing with their own mental health.

Just because I was diagnosed bipolar disorder in 2013 doesn't mean I automatically knew how to handle my illness or just in general my 'new normal'. There is so much that goes into being healthy and for someone dealing with mental health to be treated. Life style, good habits, exercise, nutrition, therapy, medicine ... the list of what contributes to your own mental health is much longer than you would think.

In the 'The body keeps the score' it talks about this very aspect of Mental Health. Just because someone diagnoses you with Depression, doesn't make you automatically feel better. So think about the next time you are aware of your own mental health. It is one thing to know, but it's another thing overcome what you are dealing with. The combination of being aware of your mental health and living a lifestyle that promotes good mental health will be the key to your success.

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