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Swimming in Shark Infested Waters!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The sound of shark infested waters has a scary ring to it for most people. Even the thought of actually ending up in open water itself makes me think I am doomed from sharks. But when the push comes to shove, you turn on Shark Week and you see people doing it all the time. People do swim in shark infested waters with ease, but how?! Really the only three things I could gather are: 1. Sharks in water are a part of life 2. Come prepared 3. Keep calm and carry on.

Shark Week is fun and all, but swimming in shark infested waters takes on a whole new meaning in the mental health world. Let’s say the sharks are triggering events and you swimming in the water is navigating through life. Being a person who lives with Bipolar disorder with the potential of not being able to navigate life’s triggering events could be catastrophic. Even people who don’t have a mental health disorder could have their life thrown upside down with stress if you aren’t able to ‘swim’ in these waters.

Specifically for me those triggering events can offset a manic episode and has in the past. This past year has been the most challenging year when it comes to being surrounded by huge life events (which all were good events) but can be huge triggers to manic episode. I bought and moved into a new home, got engaged, started a new job and planned a wedding with my fiancé. Let’s just say, this past year has felt like I am doing laps in a swimming pool full of sharks ready to take me out if I drift out of my lane.

Well good news, I am still crushing laps in that swimming pool doing by taking care of myself and I have no reason to fear those sharks in the water. The take away from Shark Week completely relates to someones mental Health. 1. Sharks in water are a part of life 2. Come Prepared 3. Keep calm and carry on. Breaking that down with my own experience it is exactly what I have been doing just phrased differently.

So here is how I’ve been looking at it the whole year.

  1. These Triggering events are a part of life and will continue to come up.

  2. Make sure you are prepared to identify and plan to overcome any obstacles jeopardizing your mental health

  3. Be in tune with yourself, your own mental health self care plan, and carry on being your best self

This has been monumental to not only identify the sharks in the water, but know learn to swim in these shark infested waters without fear insight.

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